Today, I received confirmation that I will be called to the bar on June 26, 2018! This is a really exciting time for me, and with better weather ahead, I’m looking forward to the next stage in my career and life.

After having breakfast at the Mission in San Diego (I recommend their gluten free french toast), we visited the library to see where I spent a couple weeks writing a research paper (for old time’s sake), and stumbled upon this incredible mural. It was so fun, colourful and I loved the message, spelled out in neon. Crushin’ It is a great mantra to keep in the back of my mind, and despite any struggle, I’m grateful for the position I have today. Now, it’s time to work towards the position I want in my future.

I’m wearing a waterfall floral blazer c/o Dynamite, a grey tee from Target, a pair of pink jogger pants from Zara (similar joggers here), Cavell loafers from Kate Spade and a Gucci Marmont shoulder bag.

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With only three days in Iceland, we needed to pack all we could in! On our first day, we did a classic Golden Circle tour in South Iceland, with the addition of a fabulous spa to break up the excitement. Our Golden Circle Tour is perfect for a one-night stopover, or if you’re looking to see as many sights as possible on one road trip close to Reykjavik.

Iceland Golden Circle Tour: Icelandic Horses

Iceland Day 1 Itinerary (5 of 25) Iceland Day 1 Itinerary (4 of 25)Iceland Day 1 Itinerary (2 of 25) Iceland Day 1 Itinerary (1 of 25) Iceland Day 1 Itinerary (6 of 25)

After picking up my travel buddy, Nicole, from Keflavik airport, we headed out to our first stop, Lake Kerid. Along the way, we saw these adorable Icelandic horses right by the road. We obviously had to stop, and were giddy to take photos with these adorable horses.

Did you know that in Iceland, there are laws that prohibit importing other horse breeds? There is no cross-breeding so Icelandic horses are the purest breed in the world… and likely resemble their Viking ancestors that were brought over on ships 1,o00 years ago.
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