The hunt for a great pair of jeans is always exhausting. With so many styles, cuts and fits, it can be a bit overwhelming. But one brand, NYDJ promises to help you look one size smaller in jeans! A few weeks ago, I checked out the NYDJ pop-up event to get fitted for a pair of jeans. This season, the denim brand has teamed up with Dress for Success Toronto, and is donating $10 if you try on a pair of jeans. Women in the GTA can get this experience at the Toronto Women’s Show on November 10-12, 2017. The series will also roll out in offices across the greater city area.

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I was really excited to check out the brand and participate, because I wanted to support the wonderful cause. I actually had a chance to chat with one woman who used the service, who had difficulties landing a job as a Diversity consultant after moving from India. She explained how working with Dress for Success involved so much respect, and that they found the perfect look to compliment her style and type of job interview. We chatted about how difficult it can be getting through the job interview process, and how the right clothes and confidence can help get a job. She’s since gone on to work with Ernst & Young and now works as an independent diversity consultant. It’s great to see a fashion brand team up with this initiative, so I’d definitely recommend trying on a pair!

I got set up with a fit consultant and tried on a few styles. I originally went for a pair of dark skinny jeans, but ended up falling in love with the boyfriend style. All the girls at the event wearing the boyfriend style raved about how comfy they are. I personally loved how they were casual, but were still clean and proper enough to wear to work on casual fridays. NYDJ is locally available at Hudson’s Bay and Nordstrom.

Shop the look:

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span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Interview week for Toronto articling recruitment is coming up… and I wanted to share what to wear to an articling interview, specifically for the ladies in the summer. I’ve rounded up a few workwear ideas in this post, but wanted to share some corporate interview outfit ideas. While these suggestions are specifically geared to the legal field/Toronto recruitment, they will definitely work for other young women in corporate settings.

What to wear to an articling interview: The classic skirt suit

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Ahh the skirt suit. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan. I find skirt suits to be a bit too formal and uncomfortable, especially if you have the same “skirt-twisting” problem as I do. However, an elegant, well-fitted skirt suit can be a confident choice for an articling interview.

I’m wearing a lightweight wool skirt suit from Theory. Specifically, I am wearing the Gabe Jacket in Edition Fabric. Theory is by far my favourite suit brand, and I find their cuts to be modern, classic and very timeless. This particular Edition suit was also made in USA, and I found it on discount at HR2 in Vaughan Mills. I really recommend visiting HR2 for great suit options!

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graduating from law school (5 of 9) graduating from law school (7 of 9) graduating from law school (8 of 9)

Today, I am graduating from law school at the University of Ottawa. The past few years have led up to this, and by the end of the day I will be a Juris Doctor. I would be lying if I said the past three years went by “quickly,” because frankly, it was a long journey. Prior to law school, I spent a year freelancing, being “funemployed” and studying for the LSAT. I got into the University of Ottawa’s English Common Law program and jumped immediately at the opportunity.

Law school definitely went beyond my expectations and challenged me in every way. Every night, staying up till 6 a.m. writing a memo or factum, or not sleeping at all to put together a summary. Every exam, every lecture (I rarely skipped class, save for the flu last year and getting stuck in an ice storm in New Jersey after New York Fashion Week), every day at the clinic… it all led up to this.… View Full Post

Katy Perry Shoes are becoming a new favourite in my closet. In the past few weeks I’ve added two pairs into my collection, including these incredible Rubik’s cube shoes available in store at DSW Canada. I love how they’re a twist on a classic black peep-toe pump. I paired them with equally as quirky ruffle hem pants from Zara and a pleated hem t-shirt from J. Crew.

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I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple to let these Katy Perry shoes shine! The ruffle hem of the pants draws your eye down to your feet, which allows the multicoloured heel be the focal point of my outfit. I added some more punch to this look with a red Alexander Wang Prisma Emile bag, and a pair of red Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from Smart Buy Glasses (save 10% off with code NATALIEAST10).  These red rose sunglasses are so pretty and I love the red roses and lace detail. The cat-eye frame is very vintage and fits in with Katy Perry’s colourful, pin-up style perfectly.… View Full Post