12.21.12 – A new Mayan Age

On December 21, the world waited for the world to end. According to an ancient Mayan calendar, which ended on that day, Hollywood and doomsday believers prophesied that our comfortable lives would come to a halt a little over a week ago. I was excited to party during “the end of the world” in the Mayan peninsula of Mexico, and even had the chance to watch a Mayan warrior ceremony re-enactment. It’s important to take note that the calendar did not end. December 21, 2012 only marks the start of a new cycle, a new Mayan age or millenium. Even though we were saying so long to the over 5,000 year old b’ak’tun 13 (the name of the calendar), it was a big party… and of course, we’re all here, ten days later. I grabbed a pic with some of the Mayan performers. It was fun to watch their ceremony… View Full Post

New Year’s Resolutions – 2012 – a year later

Every year, I make ten resolutions to work on in the new year. I like to stay faithful to my goals… and I always enjoy looking back a year later. Here’s an update on my 2012 goals, with annotations in italics. Here are my resolutions for 2012.  In less than three weeks, I’m off on a big adventure across the pond, and I’m excited to see what 2012 has in store.  All of these resolutions were made so that I could be a better person, grow and help others… while still wearing a pair of 4 inch stilettos.  I hope that in the coming year, this blog will continue to grow and I can’t wait to share everything [stylish] happening in my life with you. 1. Visit five new countries Not only did I visit five new countries… I visited nine. Trekking around Europe from living in the Netherlands, visiting Belgium, France, Germany,… View Full Post

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! 2011 was an amazing year, but I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store.  I feel like I’ve grown so much, but the new year brings new opportunities (and maybe even a new wardrobe!)  Here’s what I wore last night… I repurposed an old tango costume that features a luminescent glittery print and a sheer overlay around the bustline.  I love the sexy leg slit too! But my absolute favourite part about this dress is without a doubt, the fringe! I felt like a cabaret dancer with my fringe swishing about on the dance floor. To complete the look, I wore loose curls and a cheeky New Year’s Eve tiara. Bottoms up! All the best in 2012.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 – A Year Later

A year ago, when I was still blogging on Tumblr, I posted a list of ten resolutions for 2011. New Year’s {Style} Resolutions – with annotations completed on December 29, 2011. (The numbers correspond to the photo collage above from left to right). 1. Do Ballet as often as I possibly can. I’m beyond happy to say that I accomplished this to the best I could. I performed again in my ballet school’s show, just like the good old days. This fall, I stepped up my game and started going every week and working on flexibility. 2. Wear less Black. I embraced this resolution whole-heartedly. Colour-blocking was one of my favourite trends of the year, and I don’t think I own a black pair of pants anymore.  Nearly every bag I bought was in an eye-popping colour, and I own blazers in pink, red, orange, yellow and green.  Perfect for my future… View Full Post