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Amsterdam Fashion Week Day 5: Streetstyle

On the last day of fashion week, which was (sadly) almost a whole week ago, all of the guests at Monique Collignon pulled out the stops donning elegant and trendy looks.

Stylist and PR agent, Graziella Ferraro is wearing vintage Versace. She told me it was from one of the last collections of Gianni Versace, and I love the graphic print and colours combined with the fun tassels. Her purple beret is so cute and her arm candy is executed to perfection. I need to go to Italy ASAP to scout out some Vintage Versace too!

Rosanna Hoo is wearing an asymmetrical sheer chiffon skirt combined with a white eyelet jacket and blouse. I like the play with colours here and that killer belt.

One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed on the streets of Amsterdam are the Isabel Marant sneakers. This woman pulled off wearing them with a button-up and Birkin bag!

Earlier in the day, I saw a woman on the streets wearing a pair with a Canada Goose coat. It’s clear that people from the Netherlands like stylish, trendy and comfortable luxury.

Ronald is wearing a sheer shirt combined with a shredded, deconstructed crocheted sweater. The look is so avant-garde and I fell in love with his boots. I bumped into him later in the week at a Bij Ons Vintage store and he sold me a fur coat. That day, he was wearing a bright purple blazer and pearls. I love his fearless fashion sense!

Speaking of purple, I instantly recognized this bag. I nearly cried when I had to leave my own purple Cambridge satchel at home.  Zuzanna styled it with metallic tights, which are another huge trend. I recognized her from Lookbook with her creative photography.

I’m in love with that lion clutch from Mango.

These pants are out of this world! It’s been freezing cold in the Netherlands, and after buying a fur coat, I might as well go all out and buy a pair of fur pants. They remind me of the 2010 Chanel HC collection with the faux fur. As Karl Lagerfeld, “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.”

Such a well-dressed couple.

She is wearing Monique Collignon from head to toe. It’s nice to see the attendees supporting the designer… and not wearing Uggs (you can see a pair in the background). Turquoise thigh-high boots are such a statement.

I love her cute look. Her top is from American Apparel, believe it or not.

But her shoes are absolutely killer. I’m obsessed with all the colours and shapes.

These earrings from ASOS remind me of a Pamela Love design. The falcon feet are grotesque yet so cool to look at! They definitely get a lot of attention.

This wraps up my street style coverage at Amsterdam Fashion Week, but I can’t wait for the snow to clear (I can’t believe it’s snowed here) so I can capture more stylish people on the streets of Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands as well.

Amsterdam Fashion Week – Day 3: Street Style

Yesterday, I caught the Green Fashion Competition (more on that later), and there were many fashionable attendees.

I love her Little Red Riding Hood ensemble. Everything is coordinated and it’s very playful. I’m definitely going to invest in a bright wool coat here!

I love the white lace details of her peter pan collar blouse.

Wearing a gorgeous Versace for H&M leather bomber, sheer chiffon maxi skirt and tribal necklace, this woman has trends down. I love the way she’s pulled it off effortlessly.

Look at the details of her gold cuff and green nail polish. I die for that jacket!

Here’s another cute and casual look. Her dress was a soft suedette and I love the colour of her blazer. The hat is cute too.

I’m off to check out the shows again today, so get ready for some more Amsterdam fashion week coverage!


Amsterdam Fashion Week – Day Two: Streetstyle

Today, I headed to Amsterdam Fashion Week. ¬†Unfortunately, I came to early to catch Grazia Magazine’s show by Elise Kim, but I met a few people there and snapped some pictures of fashionable attendees.

I could not get over this Givenchy handbag! It had beautiful structure and contrasting details. I could only dream about owning a showpiece like this!

One trend that popped up quite a bit was the colour orange. Tangerine tango is the it-colour of 2012, according to Pantone, and it is without a doubt, the Netherlands’ signature hue. The colour popped up on accessories, from boots to scarves.

There was only a light drizzle today, but this umbrella is more about drama than functionality. His sunglasses were unlike anything I’ve seen before, and he’s got layering down pat. I’m starting to learn from Dutch people, layering is essential in this dampness!

This model-off-duty caught my eye. Very casual chic, and she’s brave to wear nylons in this cold, wet weather.

I’m in love with her rose gold collar necklace… and her simple, black Prada bag.

People in the Netherlands dress pretty different than what I’ve seen in North America. Nothing is begging for attention, and a high-quality designer handbag is the centrepiece of any outfit. I guess I’m used to seeing Torontonians decked out in crazy attire (myself included), gasping for attention when the red carpets roll out for Fashion Week. There’s a simplistic, nordic refinement to everyone’s look here.

Tomorrow, I’ll watch the Green Fashion Competition, I’m so excited to see Dutch fashion in action, so check back for more AFW coverage soon!