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A Visit to Venice

Venice might be sinking, but my memories will never drown of the beautiful Italian port city. Maybe I have an affinity for canals, but Venice and Amsterdam hold a special place in my heart.

On my first day in Venice, I settled in and took in the breathtaking views of the canals and the sea. The city is very picturesque, and full of tourists, but I was happy to find some hidden gems in my three days spent there.

It was incredible seeing the gondoliers – just like I imagined. Even though it was very touristic, I enjoyed seeing them paddle slowly along the azul waterways. I wore this polka-dot peplum dress from H&M after the three hour train ride from Florence.

My first hotel in Venice was very close to the Ponte Rialto. The bridge was so beautiful and full of great jewelry boutiques. Surprisingly, even though it was the largest tourist attraction in Venice, the Ponte Rialto had fair prices and a couple great shops, including Oreficeria Boscolo Gioie (Ponte di Rialto 7) where I purchased an enamel and silver ring for myself, and a matching pendant for my mother.

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When in Rome…

A few weeks ago, I went to Rome, Italy for a reporting trip. I found beauty, history and even gluten-free pizza in the eternal city.

I want to dedicate the next few posts to profile the sights, sounds and style of my Grand Tour of Italy. Going through photos has made me nostalgic, and only more excited to take on Italy round two this weekend. I’ll try to keep the tourist photos to a minimum.

I arrived April 29, a day before Queen’s Day in the Netherlands. I didn’t even wait 24 hours after landing before I visited the ancient Roman ruins of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

I’ve always seen pictures of these relics of a mighty past, but I have a completely different impression of Rome after spending a few days and walking through ruins and experiencing different parts of the city.

I still love the Monti district the most, with its boho-chic fashion districts, amazing bakeries, and breathtaking vistas of Roman landmarks. The district ended up becoming the focus of my reporting efforts, so stay tuned for an article on Roman fashion in the Monti district…

I’m wearing a striped jersey dress from H&M, a crochet satchel bag from six, and Gisele Bundchen sandals. To avoid looking like a tourist in Birkenstocks, these strappy flip flops are my go-to when the weather’s hot and I need to walk around all day.

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