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orange beach dress

Orange beach dress

One thing I love about going to the beach is being able to throw on a cute, colourful dress. I wore this orange beach dress on my vacation to Playa del Carmen Mexico. I paired it with fun fringed sandals and a Mexican backpack for an eclectic vacation outfit.

orange strapless dress mexican backpack fringe sandals orange hollister dress

My orange dress is from Hollister (similar here), my sandals are Minnetonka, my sunglasses are Prada and my back was purchased along 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, but you can find a similar bag at Urban Outfitters.

turquoise jewelry beaded bracelet

 I also piled on the jewelry with some colourful pieces mixed in with gold.

mermaid ocean hair flip picture playa del carmen beach

The whole week I was on vacation, I never so much as dipped a toe into the (admittedly stunning) pool at my resort. How could I when there was this perfect stretch of white sand. My sister and I would spend hours walking up and down the beach, into Playa del Carmen, stopping for a swim or fruity drink along the way. I stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya Hotel. And while the food left something to be desired, I loved that the hotel chain had several other hotels along the strip, so that you could hotel hop and grab a refreshment during a walk.

dog on the beach

I also love meeting the local dogs and playing fetch. I’m very jealous of that dog right now, playing in the sand while I’m writing this post under a wool blanket!

Looking back at these pictures of this orange beach dress make me want to embrace more colour, and bring out what tan I have left!

lavender pleats in paradise

Lavender Pleated Dress in Paradise

I know I talk about the weather a lot on my blog, but living in Canada can be tumultuous. Right now, it’s about -17C PLUS a windchill of -28C. That basically means insta-frostbite. While I can’t hide inside all day, I can daydream about summer days and palm trees. It might be a little masochistic to look back at pictures from my Christmas Mexico trip, but I wanted to share an outfit that brings back memories of the warm ocean breeze and sun.

lavender high low dress pleats purple chiffon dress

I’m wearing a chiffon pleated dress from Urban Outfitters, and gold sandals from Guess. The dress is breezy and pretty, with a sexy low back, sheer lace panel and a trendy high low hem, which shows off my legs, but covers my behind to prevent any “oops” moments if the wind picks up!

gold jewelry purple pleats gold lion bracelet gold lion bracelet and rings

Another focus of this look was the jewelry. I’m wearing a white and gold lion cuff c/o Persunmall, along with a knuckle chain ring from Forever 21, and my beautiful moon and star gold ring from Winners (similar here). I’m also wearing a spiked bracelet from Cocoa Jewelry (similar here) and my Michael Kors Tribeca watch.

purple pleated chiffon dress

purple pleated chiffon uo dress purple chiffon pleated dress lavender pleated high low dress

This dress would be perfect for attending a destination wedding as it’s formal and dressy, but still light to wear in the humid climate. I like how flowy and light this dress is, and I’ve fallen in love with the delicate crepe chiffon fabric and pretty lavender pastel colour. It has me dreaming of summer all over again…

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

May the fifth is Cinco de Mayo, which means it’s time to get together with friends, share a round of tequila shots and party! Contrary to popular belief, the holiday is mostly celebrated in the United States, to commemorate the battle of Puebla exactly 150 years ago.

I’m wearing a dress from American Apparel (I guess fittingly, considering the company is an advocate for helping Mexican immigrants find jobs in their factory in LA), jewellery from Forever XXI, and a pouch made in Mexico. The sombrero is just a souvenir.

I love these wrapper pouches. They are so kitschy and eclectic. My silver sombrero ring was just par for the course. I took these photos last December when I went to Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

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Love, Peace, Happiness

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honour of the day of love, I wanted to share a special look shot on location in Puerto Morelos, a place I hold close to my heart. The clothes and accessories are some of my favourites as well, and in this cold, drab February weather, we could all use a little fantasy escape.

This dress makes me feel like a mermaid. The long, flawy ruffles and layered chiffon give the dress so much movement. The print is gorgeous for tropical weather, and echoes one of the largest spring trends: pastels. The maxi dress is from H&M’s Summer collection from last year, and is one of those killer pieces at an irresistible price that I will cherish forever.

I accessorized with gold filigree pieces to add to the boho vibe of the dress.

I would love to just chill in a cabana all day long with a good book and a margarita.

Dance is one of my greatest loves and passions in my life, and the beach and this flowy dress make me burst with energy!

Travel is starting to become one of my new passions in life, and I wanted to take this day to appreciate my family and friends who have made these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities possible. It means a lot that I have these people in my life who share life’s journeys with me.

What’s your passion?


Bathing Babe

I’ve always been inspired by pictures from the 1940s of gorgeous, curvy women lounging poolside in their maillots de bain. This look was inspired by retro synchronized swimmers, like Esther Williams, and it was the perfect opportunity to showcase a floral bathing cap that’s a blast from the past.

My bathing suit is a vintage piece by Yves Saint Laurent.  It’s one of my most cherished items in my closet, and I’m lucky enough to own it in black! (Thank you, mama!)

I love the plunging neckline and silkscreened belt adorning the waist.

I thought that the vintage coke bottle completed the look. In Mexico, most soft drinks come in the original curvy bottle, and I love it! My sunglasses are the Minimal Baroques from Prada.  They are my absolute favourite pair.

I think it would be amazing if more people would lounge out in retro bathing suits, and maybe bring synchronized swimming into the mainstream again…


A Trip to Puerto Morelos

I was lucky enough to spend the past week in paradise- that is Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Only 20 minutes from Cancun, but removed from the strip lies a sleepy fishing town.

Pristine beaches and turquoise waters welcome people into the town.  I walked along the beach from my hotel (the walk was under an hour) and was taken in by the most gorgeous waters ever.

The most iconic part of the town is the leaning lighthouse.  The edifice was tilted by Hurricane Beulah in 1967, and it remains lopsided.  There’s a new lighthouse nearby, but I love the quirky charm of this one.  The locals joke and say it had too much tequila!

You can see tourists and local children playing on the beach, as well as dozens of fishing, snorkelling and tour boats that cater to the tourists.

Inside the sleepy town lies many hidden gems.  One of my favourites is the bookstore – Alma Libre Books, which is the perfect place to pick up a beach read.

Down the corner is a quaint cafe that is very popular with locals and tourists. You can see many people enjoying a cup of java with a cigar.

Another landmark is the Catholic Church, which was decked out for Navidad.

But one of the most famous places in town is without a doubt, the Pelicanos Bar.

The bar even has a little dock going out into the ocean.

In town, many stores sell brightly coloured ceramic handicrafts like these geckos.

I picked up this orange ceramic shoe! It was practically made for me, how could I resist?

There are plenty of other shops selling souvenirs like backpacks, shells and cotton blouses that feature the most gorgeous embroidery.

These purses and change purses are made of old wrappers.

Before leaving the town, I had to get a bit of ice cream, since my hotel only had ice cream with dinner, and it’s a must on steamy summer days!

Inside the plaza was one shop with a ton of leather sandals and handbags.  They were beautifully made and featured intricate Mexican designs.

I ended up buying the blue and beige one on the very left!

The front features a beautiful Mayan pyramid design, as well as a chunky strap.

But the back features a gorgeous Mayan calendar imprinted into the leather.

The store owner, Vicente Moreno, said the bag was made by hand by his family.  You can find his store in the Plaza D’Cesar in Puerto Morelos.

I styled the bag with a flirty floral romper.

Another accessory I picked up in town is this gorgeous hand-beaded flower bracelet. To think this intricate piece was done by hand boggles my mind!

A trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a Mariachi, and this harp-playing caballero in white was happy to play a tune for us!

I will never forget those turquoise waters (that matched my dress), and I can’t wait till I visit again!

Hola de Puerto Morelos

Hola! As I write this, I’m sipping a vanilla latte, as I usually do, instead that this time, my afternoon cup of java is in a tropical garden in a resort near Cancun, Mexico. I’m a snowbird, and I can’t wait every year until my family goes south on our annual Christmas pilgrimage.



Thanks to this iPad and free wifi all over the hotel, I can still write through out the week. Blogging is a perfect way to break up baking sessions on the beach, because my pale skin can only take so much!


My skin-saving must have is La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL sunscreen in SPF 60. Unlike that old bottle of Hawaiian Tropic, this rich cream will protect even the fairest of skins from the sun without the carcinogens found in mainstream products. You can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $30. My second favorite for this vacation is a pair of haute sunnies. I’m obsessed with Prada’s Minimal Baroque in Havana. Although, I wouldn’t dare get them wet in the pool!


To stay stylish during the day, this sheer beaded caftan from H&M is the perfect coverup. It covers my shoulders from the sun, while keeping me cool.



The beach is beyond- and I have many mermaid inspired looks to share soon. Until then, I’ll keep working on my tan! And trying to resist piña coladas. But honestly, who could resist that?