Red Storm Shutters

This look was inspired by a traditional Dutch country house near my home in Utrecht. I fell in love with the red shutters and wanted to bring that out, as well as parallel the texture of the thatched roof with my fur coat. I’m wearing a vintage fur coat from Bij Ons vintage, located in Amsterdam. The first few weeks I arrived here were freezing, so I definitely got good use out of this coat. I accessorized with a pair of bright red suede booties from Cafe Moda, once again, located in Amsterdam. The wool hat is from H&M. Maybe it was because this house appeared to be a daycare, but there was something very playful about the environment and my outfit. I love the way the red booties add an accent to an otherwise neutral look. I hope I have space in my luggage to bring this beautiful vintage… View Full Post

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I think sometimes it’s all in the details.  Textures, stitching, embroidery and elements are all combined to create a unique look, which is very important to my style.  This look was inspired by the colder, windier weather I’m getting used to in Toronto, while still trying to stand out against a sea of black wool coats. I’m wearing the ultimate wooly mammoth coat; a mongolian sheep fur.  This jacket has a lot of history, and was given to me by my grandmother.  It’s a statement piece, and I always get tons of puzzled stares on the subway!  Regardless, I love the warmth and texture this coat provides, and I’m so grateful to have one like this in my wardrobe!  To complete the eccentric look, I’m wearing my Prada minimal baroque sunnies which are a piece of art on their own. My favourite piece of this look is without a doubt,… View Full Post